Address: 51 Acutts Drive Hillcrest.

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Network King


702 small business awards finalist

From the creator of the 40 000+ member large Facebook group, Upper Highway Buy Swap and Sell... Welcome to Network-King!
Having created the group in May 2013, and seeing the incredible results our featured businesses get from promotions I've run for them, I realized just how much of a captive audience I have.
So I've set out and worked really hard to become that ever-important link between our community and businesses.
And What incredible affiliates we have!

Kelly Kidgell

About me:

31 years old, I'm a local girl who grew up in the Hills and am fascinated with how much it's transformed over the years-from sugar cane to suburban hub!

Having spent most of my twenties in the UK, I'm passionate about South Africa and her potential and could never dream of not calling this 'home'.

I have three beautiful boys aged 2,4 and 6 and an inspiring husband more commonly known as 'that runner guy' (you've probably seen him on the road). I run my UK business from home and life is absolutely crazy! But the baby factory is closed I'm told (booooo), so time to utilize that Bachelor of Commerce-I'm absolutely certain Network-King will be a huge success.